When we think of photography, we think of a hobbyist roaming around with a couple of cameras, snapping the odd sunset or the usual shots of smiling wedding parties… But can one man’s passion become a sustainable, full-time business? We spoke to Mykey Day of Mykey Day Photography to find out more…


Tell us a bit about your business and why does it excite you?

I am a full time professional photographer, specialising in both weddings and corporate photography.  I have been full-time for almost two years now but I’ve been passionate about photography from a young age.  The reason I am so passionate about it is because I believe photography is a unique blend of art and technology – capturing real life moments and life events.

And your beginnings? How did you end up running your own business?

My background was originally sports and academia, but having grown up in an environment of self-employed workers I was keen to make a stand on my own two feet.  Mixing business with photography enables me to make a living from an art-form that I love.  I strongly believe that in this day and age – and in this economy – contracted workers and traditional professional routes are rapidly becoming redundant.  The nature of technology and business at present is almost forcing us back into a ‘cottage economy’, one influenced by (and made possible by) the digital age.

Can you tell us a bit about your family background? Did anybody influence you to get to where you are now?

Both my father and my brother are self-employed engineers.  Seeing the way their hard work directly resulted in success and profit, translating immediately through the business rather than waiting for recognition from an employer, inspired me to always gravitate towards an entrepreneurial profession.  I learnt early on that a business is more successful when the satisfaction and happiness of the client is paramount, rather than that of an employer or some distant head office.

How did you get started in your own business?

I never dreamed of making photography my business, until after I suffered a near fatal accident, wherein I was unable to walk for over a year.  As part of my rehabilitation I took up my hobby of photography again (it gave me a reason to do lots of walking, which was part of my physiotherapy regime).  As I posted images online I was told by so many friends, family, and even strangers, that the level of my photography was easily professional.  So rather than living on state benefit, I decided to make a run of photography as a business.

How is your business different to all those other photographers out there?

The vast majority of other photographers are part-time, and as such have limited availability and high prices to justify using their weekends to work on top of their day jobs.  As a full time photographer I am able to charge much more reasonable prices, and grant a speedier service (with considerably more availability) than the part-timers.

I also truly believe that my artistic visions and the images I create are superior to those of anyone else, something I feel justified in saying after I have been published in Elle UK magazine within a year of going professional. This is something many professionals can only hope to achieve decades into their career.

Mykey Day

And your vision for the future of your business?

My goal is to continue providing a premium service for my clients well into the future, and my vision is to support my self and my family by providing images and artwork for my clients.  I will always be looking to improve, always innovating, always trying new things, all in the hopes of both making my clients’ memories permanent for them, and also having an impact on the world artistically that will last beyond my lifetime.