Sylwia Pajor Blackman has always had a passion for two things – cars and fitness. Polar opposites some may say, yet what Sylwia sees in a car is a sleek, well designed body offering optimal performance in the engine – which is exactly what she aims to help her clients achieve in their own bodies. We wanted to find out more…

Tell us a bit more about your business and what it offers?

We specialise in targeted inch weight loss method which combines 3 different treatments called Hypoxi training, as well as general advice on healthy lifestyle. Hypoxi machines are exercise machines, which combine positive and negative pressure, lymphatic drainage massage and vacuum therapy. Once you enter my studio you will be greeted with a smile and professional expertise on how to achieve your dream body using a safe and non-invasive method including one to one training for a few weeks, months or years, depending on your needs.

What makes your business unique? What is your edge over competitors?

My business is unique in a way that no other fitness business or gym provides a customer with an initial consultation, full body analysis, full body measurements and weighing, photos before and after followed by a personalised programme (specific and targeted towards your body shape) with each session being held in a private studio. We measure after every 6 sessions (every 2 weeks) and monitor results. We give full dietry guidelines, taking into account all possible diet types and lifestyles. The main advantage is that the client can see results in just 2 weeks due to our targeted inch loss method.

How long have you been in this business?

I started in 2008 as a therapist and in January 2009 became the proud owner of HYPOXI South Woodford.

How did the idea for running this business come about? Where did the passion come from? 

I have two passions – fitness and cars. I managed to secure a job position in the car industry business during which I was offered the opportunity to become the owner of Hypoxi South Woodford. I decided to follow my other passion and go for the HYPOXI Studio. I took lots of risks as I did not know much about the HYPOXI business however I could not resist. I followed my intuition and continue to work hard to pursue this dream of mine.

And your personal background? How did you came from studying or working for other people to doing this?

I grew up in Poland in a city called Sosnowiec. I did my A levels and then an English Linguistics degree combined with marketing, and also graduated with a Business Marketing Degree in the UK. 
I initially came to the UK in September 2001 for a holiday and to visit a friend from primary school. I wanted to learn more English and started looking for jobs. Luckily I managed to secure a 12 months position allowing me to practice my English further. I was supposed to go back to Poland after the 12 months however as I was progressing I decided to stay, and in 2005 I was headhunted to a legal firm and took on the role of Practice Manager.

It was through my various jobs as shop assistant, insurance broker, and eventually practice manager of a legal firm, I realised that my personality is too active for an office job. I love being round people and motivating them to achieve their targets. After graduating with a Business Degree whilst at the same time being a full time office manager at a legal firm, I had to make a decision about my future career. Being the owner of a Hypoxi Studio gives me flexible hours, a good family balance and a great sense of achievement.

What about your childhood background? Where there any entrepreneurs there who influenced your decision to go out on your own?

I had a very positive and happy childhood, being surrounded by my loving parents and grandparents. They taught me strength and positivity. My mum is very caring and loving and my dad has always been demanding and hard working which I did not understand for a long time. It made sense when I came to the UK – he gave me lots of challenging tasks when I was a teenager which I had to perform regardless my complaints. I must admit that after completing a task I realised that it was not so bad. All those experiences made me stronger and confident – that is why I had to take tasks in my own hands and do them as best as I could. Most of my family served in the police all their lives but they also run a local pub where I worked from the age of 13. Moving to the UK without my family really opened my eyes. I realised that nobody would support me and that I would have to work hard to support myself. I studied part time while undertaking two jobs. I learnt how to manage my time efficiently and managed to win The Best Student of the Year 2007 by the Chartered Institute of Administrators.

Hypoxi demo

What’s the most exciting or inspirational moment to date running this business, or in life in general?

I have experienced many fantastic moments in my life and business but the highlight was the birth of my daughter Zosia. Winning the “The Best Choice of the Year 2015” in the health category is another highlight of mine.

And the toughest?

I am fortunate enough to be able to find solutions if I have a problem. I have had a few hard moments in my life, sure, but these are usually caused by people who have lots of insecurities and try to blame others for their misfortune.

My destiny is to be successful and happy. All my life I have had pictures of items and places – senses of achievement – and I have been achieving them one by one.

Where do you want your business to be in say 3 years’ time?

In 3 years I would like to become an international expert in weight loss and nutrition.

Finally, what is the one piece of advice you would offer to someone considering starting their own business?

My advice is to be brave, action things rather than planning and thinking about it. I believe in positive karma and the world of attraction, which means believing in your dream will make it happen. Go for it and learn from the experts, don’t be afraid to ask for advice if you are not sure. The process of learning takes time but if you love your job, you will never get fed up.