One doesn’t usually find the words “seductive” and “copywriting” in the same sentence, yet that’s exactly what you will find on The Creative Copywriter’s website. With so many companies out there offering some form of copywriting services – be it blogging, writing, and the all too bandied about SEO services – is it really possible to find something really unique, really bespoke, really out the box? Founder Konrad Sanders aims to do just that, bringing every aspect of writing and online marketing strategy together. We spoke to him further to find out more…


Can you describe in a nutshell what your business is all about?

I run a team of word-slinging cowboys who go by the name of The Creative Copywriter. We write all kinds of copy for all kinds of businesses – including taglines, website copy, print copy, video scripts, sales emails, direct mail, billboard ads etc.

In a nutshell; we persuade people to buy your product or service with words. The written kind… And we’re darn good at it too.

We also offer content marketing – aka blogging – which is essential these days if you want your business to have a powerful online presence. For our own blog, for example, we’ve knocked up posts which have gotten over 3500 shares before. And when writing for clients, we always offer strategic wisdom alongside the brilliantly-written content.

Sales pitch over!

What makes you so passionate about this business?

Because it’s my baby. I set up The Creative Copywriter with the dream of having a thriving online business, which would give me the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world… and make me stinking rich, of course! Also, I love writing. I love people. And I love the psychology behind influence and persuasion (which first tickled my fancy when I was a face-to-face salesman downunder).

Marry those three things together and you get: copywriting.

Tell me more about your background? How did you come to start your own business?

It’s complicated.

I studied Philosophy at uni. This helps you think outside the box I guess – but it doesn’t lead you down a specific career path. I fancied myself as a bit of a people’s person, and when I ventured out to Australia for 2 years after uni I did a lot of face-to-face sales and telesales while travelling around. Then I moved to Israel for a year (after a 6 month stretch in South East Asia), with my newly acquired girlfriend – and I started writing for companies out there. That’s when I discovered what copywriting was. And it’s also where I learnt a boatload about SEO and how to build online businesses… all from free courses and resources online (including Ed Dale’s ‘The Thirty Day Challenge’). So then I worked in-house for a few companies in Israel and back in London, and at the same time I dabbled in setting up online niche businesses using the old school pre-panda and penguin SEO techniques.

One of those businesses was The Creative Copywriter, which started out with just me in it, feelancing. But then it grew into the little talented crew it is now – thanks to my online traffic-driving skills.

And your background? Is there anyone who stands out from your past as being a great influence on you?

Well, yes. My dad set up as a freelance graphic designer in his early 20s back in the day and had an office right in the heart of Soho, London. Later in life, my parents had a bed & breakfast, rented out a cottage in Norfolk, and then also got their feet firmly onto the property ladder in South East London. My older sister set up her event management business, Blazing Events, in Valencia (Spain) in her early 30s. And my brother has also had his fair share of entrepreneurial endeavours. But he’s now one of the awesome, creative copywriters on my team.

So yes, I’ve been quite heavily influenced by those around me.

Do you have a business partner or anyone you work closely with?

Well, I work closely with you Sean! You’re my go-to PPC and SEO guy, and I’m your go-to content guy. It’s a great partnership.

How did we meet? In that Chinese networking group in London… our eyes met across a crowded room… etc. Any interesting stories about you? You’re the best spontaneous analogy-user I’ve ever met!

I’m also partnered with Liz Azyan, who is a social media marketing strategist. You can find us both on ‘The Best 125 People to Follow on Twitter for Social Media Geeks’ (91 and 119). She’s won a Google Fellowship Award and was dubbed ‘a Facebook Marketing Star’ by Facebook themselves. So she’s pretty damn good at what she does.

Content marketing, social media and SEO all go hand-in-hand – and that’s why I’ve partnered with you guys.

Plus, I think we get on really well too, which is important.

What makes your business different from all the other copywriting services out there?

Firstly, because we offer the highest possible quality. Super talented, creative copywriters that I have spent time scouring the Earth for.

We offer more experience and a wider range of styles than just a single freelancer working alone. But at the same time, we offer better prices and a more personal approach than big advertising agencies. We fit somewhere, uniquely, in the middle. And in fact, we are the perfect partner to these kinds of agencies, who always need to outsource to trusted, savvy writers from time to time (us!)

We also give you a lot more strategy than most copywriters or copywriting agencies. Our understanding (and proven application) of SEO, content marketing strategy, branding and social media strategy is something that we can and will bring to your table.

A copywriter is just one player in the overall marketing squad. We understand the whole game.

Where do you see your company in say the next 3 to 6 years?

To be honest, The Creative Copywriter isn’t too far off where I want it to be. I don’t want to expand much more, as then I run the risk of becoming one of those other big writing or advertising agencies. But that’s not what we’re about. That’s not our brand… We’d loose our unique personal touch if we did that.

For me, the goal is to set up other small collectives of talented freelancers in other niches (who perhaps don’t know how to market themselves too well) – based on the same business model. In fact, a friend (and now business partner) and I have already got the ball rolling on two; illustration and animation. They should be up and running in a few months from now.

I’ve also become a shareholder, team member and content strategist at a new startup called OSIOS. We’ve got some very big world-domination plans – so watch this space!