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What is Startup Empire?

Startup Empire is an online magazine for entrepreneurs to share their stories, expose their businesses and provide valuable insights into the trials and tribulations of starting your own business. Entrepreneurs can read the story stream, aiming to share how others have succeeded – and failed – bringing people and their dreams together through personal stories, real experiences and actual events.

We believe that a Startup should not simply be defined as ‘a newly established business’. To quote from Eric Ries, the author of bestseller The Lean Startup:  “You don’t have to work in a garage to be in a Startup”.  This means that entrepreneurs are everywhere and the Startup approach can be applied “in any size company, even a very large enterprise, in any sector or industry”. As a Startup, in its essence, is “a human institution designed to create new products and services under conditions of extreme uncertainty“. It is a journey, a process, or even an entrepreneurial spirit of using scientific methods to discover and learn, to eventually create a traditionally defined “sustainable business” or simply create something entirely new.

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The Guys Behind Startup Empire



Born and raised in China, Sean came to the UK in 2004, where he graduated from the University of West of England with a degree in Accounting and Finance. However crunching numbers all day just didn’t appeal, so he went for his Masters in Marketing.

He spent a number of years working in the digital marketing field, honing his skills in Paid Search/Pay per Click marketing. Being somewhat of an entrepreneur himself, Sean started his own small digital marketing agency in 2013, where he experienced the excitement (and trials) of his own startup, and so the seed for Startup Empire was planted.

He aims for entrepreneurs to not only find inspiration from the stories on Startup Empire, but for VCs and Angels to also find potential Startups with whom to broaden their investment portfolios.

When not at his desk Sean can be found tickling the ivories, writing his own piano melodies or relaxing with a book. When he’s feeling energetic he indulges in his passion for Latin dancing with a spin around the dance floor!


Sally hails from sunny South Africa and has a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Psychology from the University of Cape Town. She spent a number of years managing and writing for small business websites, before becoming a full time mum and part-time writer. She has been working as a freelance copywriter, editor and social media manager for the past 12 years and joined the Startup Empire team at its inception as editor.

Sally also has a passion for all things food and can often be found baking her hubby’s favourite carrot cake when not at her desk or ferrying kids to hockey!


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