As a busy professional, Federico Ferraro was finding it difficult and frustrating to fit his errands between his busy work demands. Of course there were many online retailers that could make his life easier, but none that would do it all and deliver within the hour. He saw this very obvious gap in the market and he came up with an idea for a service app that would allow customers to connect with any local companies and deliver goods within the hour. We spoke to him for the full story…

Tell us about Quiqup

Quiqup is an on-demand delivery service, revolutionising the way in which companies and consumers connect to local London retailers and restaurants. Whatever you need, from food and drink to useful items and gifts, simply place your order via the app and Quiqup will collect and deliver it to your door within the hour. Currently we’re based in Willesden Junction, London. Prior to this, as most start-ups have experienced in their early stages, we worked in various team members living rooms!

Quiqup is for anyone who needs any items delivered to their door very quickly. The idea for the business came about following the realisation that time is an increasingly important commodity for both consumers and businesses in London. Quiqup allows users to purchase the items they need, when they need them, with just a few clicks.

Obviously this delivery-within-the-hour concept is your main USP?

Yes absolutely. On-demand delivery is an exciting space to be in right now, as there is strong user support for these types of services. Quiqup is different to the likes of Deliveroo, as it’s not limited by a specific vertical such as delivering food or partnership agreements, thus Quiqup can provide a far wider range of products and services.

It’s also differs to other services like Amazon, as rather than delivering generic stock from a warehouse, Quiqup works with London-based retailers, high-street shops and restaurants supporting and championing local businesses. Quiqup also prides itself on its cutting edge
technology and design, its wide range of partners and consumer offering.

How long have you been working on Quiqup and at what stage is it at present?

We started working on our first business plan for Quiqup back in November 2013. Today we are one of the most innovative on-demand delivery startups helping London-based retailers, high-street shops and restaurants connect to potential customers.

Have you raised any funding from any angels or VCs?

To date, Quiqup has raised a multi-million pound Series A investment round from Delivery Hero and Rocket Internet’s fund, Global Founders Capital. As an exponentially growing business, we
are currently in the process of raising the next round of investment.

How did the idea for Quiqup come about? 

As a professional living in London, I personally found it difficult to manage my chores and errands whilst working. This inspired me to start Quiqup as I saw a gap in the market that no companies were filling at the time.

We are passionate about helping local businesses grow and succeed by enabling them to provide a within-the-hour delivery service to customers. For customers we eliminate the stress, crowds, traffic and queues when making a last-minute purchase and save hours – safe in the knowledge that Quiqup will deliver direct to their home or office.

Tell us about your own background. How did you come from studying or working to starting something on your own?

In 2012 I was studying in The Netherlands, where I graduated with a double specialisation in Marketing and Production. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit and surrounded myself with like-minded people, which eventually led me to some great co-founders and together we launched Quiqup.

Can you tell us more about these co-founders?

Quiqup was launched in September 2014 by myself, Bassel El Koussa, Tim Linssen, Rami Idriss and Danny Hawkins. I met Tim at University, in Holland, and after we graduated we both started working at a VC firm in London. Some months later, Bassel and Danny joined the company and after a year of working together we decided to create Quiqup. Bassel then introduced the rest of the us to Rami, a childhood friend, who liked the idea of Quiqup and decided to join the team.

Prior to starting Quiqup, Bassel worked for his family business, in Lebanon. The company manufactured industrial bakery products and distributed them through one of the largest logistics operations in the country. Whilst studying at University Bassel also expanded the family business operation in Riyadh, then moved to London to work in finance.

Tim started his career as an entrepreneur in the music industry. Then became a part-time worker in the logistics industry working for companies such as SSI Scheafer, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Daalimpex and Eimskip.

Quiqup’s CTO, Danny, has been working in IT and Development for 13 years. Prior to starting Quiqup Danny worked in gaming and for the Ministry of Justice.

Rami graduated with a Masters in Finance from Imperial College of London and has worked for the British American Tobacco company and CB Capital.

We all share a real passion for technology, business and of course, taking the company forward.

What about your family and childhood background? Did you come from a particularly entrepreneurial family?

From a very young age I was travelling all around the world with my family, which led me to realise that I loved observing other cultures and absorbing the best aspects (food, traditions etc.) from all the different places from which I’ve lived. My dad inspired and motivated me by always supporting my decisions and my uncle, who continued the family business, has always given me great advice.

Quiqup app

This might sound strange but one of my hobbies is that I like to listen, observe people and my surroundings. This made me a people person but most importantly, I became good at analysing and thinking differently, which I believe keeps me one step ahead of the game.

Tell us about the most exciting moment to date in the Quiqup journey

For me, one of the most inspiring moments is seeing, everyday, that the employees truly believe in our vision for Quiqup.

Tell us where you see Quiqup in the next few years

Our goal is to expand internationally and to be at the forefront of the on-demand delivery industry. In three years time, I believe that we’ll be changing the way that firms operate and society’s views on convenience shopping.

What would the one bit of advice be for someone considering a startup?

My one piece of advice would be to firstly find great business partners, then create a unique and outstanding product that people love.