Sometimes an idea for a new business comes as a necessity rather than a clever new idea. Luca Borsoni was frustrated by how difficult it was to send files across the internet through his cloud server – which was slow and often crashed. So together with his business partners, he developed a system that could integrate to send and share documents seamlessly between clouds. We asked him to share more about the ASweSend story.

Tell us a bit more about the ASweSend business offering

ASweSend is the innovative, customisable and safe service to send documents – a mix between cloud and transfer systems – different from other services on the market thanks to some unique features. ASweSend guarantees a total freedom of storage: it totally integrates the most popular storage services (Dropbox, Google Drive) and in its Business and Enterprise versions it includes reserved ASweSend storage.

And where are you based? 

We are based in northern Italy, in Brescia, near Milan. All the founders and part of the team are from the same city.

Tell us about who you consider ASweSend’s target audience to be

Our targets are people and companies who need to store small or big files or send large files or many files.

As there are quite a few big players doing similar things, what’s so unique about ASweSend?

ASweSend is very different from other competitors as it is a service that allows you to not only manage and share files in the cloud, but it also integrates with other various existing storage (for example Dropbox and Google Drive) in a single panel and interfacing SaaS applications.

It also has a report system that records every sending, recipient and download status. Every connection is HTTPS-encrypted, stable and reliable and, thanks to a safe authentication, frequent users never get blocked. Moreover, our white labelling feature enables users to customise both the graphic layout and any messages to their own preference.

Judging by the unique reporting and white labelling features, the application is pretty much focused on B2B or corporate users?

Yes that’s absolutely correct.

How long have you been working on this idea and where would you say it is at present?

We have been working on the project since January 2015, and since then we have continually worked to try and solve any problems we have found during user experiences. We are continuously adding development interventions.

How is the project being funded?

At the moment, the company is completely self-funded by Web-b (a company of Alice Palumbo, Luca Borsoni, Barbara Toselli and Cristina Pasini), Luigi Bajetti, and NEWCOS (a company of Federico Ghidini, our business development manager).


And is this your first startup venture or have you run other businesses before?

No, Alice and I founded another startup – BabyinItaly, a website dedicated to parents.

What drives you to work on it?

I truly believe in ASweSend because it inserts itself in the strongly growing cloud market. It is estimated that the global market of personal cloud will generate revenues for 290 billion dollars by 2018, with an annual growth rate of 50%.

Tell us about your own work background and how you ended up running your own business?

I am also CEO of ASborsoniWorldWide, a family company with more than 60 years of history. It operates in the world of marketing, ads, communication and wew. I often had to send files eletronically and often the network broke down. This is where the idea for creating a better way to send files came about.

Any entrepreneur in your family who may have influenced you?

I have always been surrounded by the world of marketing and communication: my grandpa, Renato, taught me everything about being a pro in marketing, but meeting Alice was the moment that changed my vision. She taught me how to be an entrepreneur and how changing wasn’t a risk but instead an opportunity. Meeting her was an innovation for my future.

Do you have a role model or mentor who inspires you?

First, Stewart Butterfield, the CEO of Slack. I really like his vision of the world and how he has innovated and still innovates the society to improve business and normal life.

Second, another man, Brunello Cucinelli, the CEO of the cashmere knits brand. I like how he isn’t just interested in making money for himself, but how it is important to him for his employees to work in a safe and comfortable place.

Can you think of an event that inspired you down this path to running your own business?

In our ASborsoniWorldWide office, our network often broke down, and we had to try to find a solution for it, and at the end we found it – by creating ASweSend.

You mentioned Alice a few times, is she your only business partner?

I have more than one business partners. First, of course, there is Alice who is also my wife! We met 10 years ago and we have been working together for years. Together we have created Web-b, another company where I am an associate.

Then there is Luigi Bajetti, a close friend that I met in Confindustria Giovani Brescia (the local section of the Young Entrepreneurs Confederation), together, we decided to create something special and useful like ASweSend.

What was the most exciting moment to date since creating ASweSend?

The most exciting moment was during the latest Web Summit, while I was talking to an investor. When I was looking into his eyes, I realised that I wasn’t just selling him something, but I was actually giving him a future opportunity.

Any strange moment where you felt that you were destined to carry on down this path?

I probably realised something back in the year 2000, I was staring at this big advert in the middle of the loft of the first web agency I was working for. I was doing an internship, I loved the world of graphics and had a big dream of creating beautiful and artistic catalogues.

The advert I was staring at represented a big Sydney skyline with huge buildings in a perfect light, and had one of my all-time favorite payoffs on the background: PERMASTEELISA BUILDS THE FUTURE. I was standing there, shocked, and that’s when I dreamt of a company that would conquer the world, becoming so important to transfer the paradigm of a city as its own paradigm.

In those 5 words, there was a captivating and huge strength that I realised only many years later.

Tell us about your goal for ASweSend. Where would you like to see it moving in the next few year?

My biggest goal is to transform my company into a digital innovation company, ahead of its time, able to understand in advance people’s need and to improve the life of people and of the world.

It has to be an Italian excellence in the world, protagonist of the international markets, maybe with a base in Ireland or in the Silicon Valley beyond the Italian headquarters… though it is very important for me not to forget my own origins, as real innovation can be possible here in Italy, too!

And in closing, what one bit of advice would you give to someone starting their own business?

Only hire people who can one day be your own boss!